Recap of my ride around the world. 2011-2013

RADIOMAN RODE THE WORLD!   June 2011 to Dec 2013

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog. You have reached the website after I have returned from my Grand Adventure riding my Motorbike around the world for 31 Months. This journey has been a blessing of time on the road in 26 countries, 6 continents and over 90,000 riding miles.  I would suggest that you read the “who is Radioman” Tab first, then you can see the list below that will give you links to the entire ride or you can just jump to a country that you are interested.

Thanks for your encouraging words and sharing my journey! The people I met along this journey have really made my travels worthwhile.

The first 15 pages or so are capturing my transition into this chapter, renting out my house, other logistics. before Heading out riding in the USA Riding to watch the final space shuttle launch on July 8th, 2011 , Then south through Mexico, Central America, South America, India, then  back to South America,The New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa. Wow what a journey!

You can also look on the calendar on the lower right and click on the dates to see where I was and what I was doing on that day.

Started June 1, 2011. ended the ride December 15, 2013.
______ INDEX for Ride Report! ______

• Ride starts — June 1, 2011

• Space Shuttle Launch

• New Bike Farkling and Westfest

• Back to Atlanta and riding up the east coast of USA

• Riding into Northeast Canada

• Ferry to NewFoundland

• Labrador Riding the TransLab

• Making it back for WetFest

• Leaving PDX riding south

• Engine Failure in Tucson

• Finally Riding into Mexico

• Thoughts on Mexico

• Belize

• Guatemala

• Does not always go as planned

• El Salvador

• Honduras

• Nicaragua

• Costa Rica

• Panama

• Loading Bike on the Stahlratte for sail to Colombia

• Ecuador

• INDIA the side trip

• Return to Ecuador to continue the ride Post

• Peru Post

• Bolivia Post

• Argentina Post

• Chile Post

• Reaching Ushuaia, Argentina The end of the world!

• Buenos Aires

• Uruguay

• Brazil

• New Zealand

• Australia

• Dubai
• South Africa

• Returning to the United States, completing my Adventure!
Last Day on the Rode.  Riding Home.

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June 25th Last day of the “longest day” fundraising ride

The Last day of the ride. With limited time, and needing to be back in Portland on Monday for business…. Decided to roll out the miles and make it home. Alway feels like "the horse to the barn" moments as you just want to get "home".

Stayed at hotel last night that I was able to use points to stay for free :clap. Was up at 5 am… on the road by 6a.


Heading west… some dark clouds that I am glad to see, as it keeps the ride cooler!


The great smells of the road, scenery as it changes as I ride, and the feel of the wind against me. Just some of the reason I love to ride!


Into Arizona across hwy 40.



Riding west of Flagstaff the Pine trees and open road make me smile and be glad I am able to make this ride!! it's at over 6,000 feet.


As I drop down in elevation, it heats up. Take a look at the round temp gauge :hair



Across to Barstow. Glad I had my water jug… stayed hydrated and feeling good!


Then into LA traffic…. Traffic building, then 4 lanes solid


Left my car at ADV friends house while I was gone. Needed to swing by and pick them up. They left them for me with a nice note 🙂


Backed the bike into my garage in Long beach!! almost 6,000 miles in the past 10 days! Awareness for Alzheimer's Raised across the country!!

Thanks so much to all that have followed along, Posted , and Donated!! Had a very successful trip!! Still have committed donations coming in… should top $12K. :clap:clap


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Riding westward Arkansas to NM

Westward through Arkansas, Oklahoma


wide open spaces to ride. It's a quick ride, but enjoying the ride even if it is all on the Slab.


See the crop duster?


Watching all the movement of people, things, and materials. Some are huge.



As I was cruising across Oklahoma …. I had my phone out charging and with its GP, I look down and its gone :eek2:fpalm:confused, but see that it was down out of the Ram holder, but the cable held it and it was sitting just next to the gps. Was going 75 and the wind was blowing too….. Fortunately I was able to grab the phone and put it in my tank bag. That would have been expensive.


Making my way, into the panhandle of Texas.


Its a hot day but the clouds help!


Then later in the day I ride into New Mexico


Nice looking storm ahead. I was actually looking forward to the rain, smells and coolness that they would bring


The road shifted so I was just missing it. But it did cool, smells increased and a few drops of rain.


The sun raze were amazing


Ended up in Albuquerque. 850 Miles of riding, but now about the same distance from Long Beach. Taking this bike to Long beach, since I am spending its of time in LA area for work!!

So much more to say, but need to pack up and get an early start !! riding westward!!


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