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Recap of my ride around the world 2011-2013

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog. You have reached the website after I have returned from my Grand Adventure riding my Motorbike around the world for 31 Months. This journey has been a blessing of time on the road in 26 countries, 6 continents and over 90,000 riding miles. I would suggest that you read the “who is Radioman” Tab first, then you can see the list below that will give you links to the entire ride or you can just jump to a country that you are interested.

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Thanks for your encouraging words and sharing my journey! The people I met along this journey have really made my travels worthwhile.


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The first 15 pages or so are capturing my transition into this chapter, renting out my house, other logistics. before Heading out riding in the USA Riding to watch the final space shuttle launch on July 8th, 2011 , Then south through Mexico, Central America, South America, India, then back to South America,The New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa. Wow what a journey!