Exploring the North Island …..

As I rode around the northland I stopped to see the Kauri Museum in Matakohe

It is a great museum that shared the history of this area, the Large Kauri tree and it’s uses, and the Gum that the tree produced and the Gumdiggers who harvested it. Great way to spend a few hours!

The Kauri trees are huge, have straight grain and good for building ships, furniture, etc. They cut most of them down during this time in history as they provided jobs and industry until they were gone.

The museum had excellent exhibits on the lumbering process, Pioneer living conditions, industries and the people.

I took a lunch stop in Muriwal Beach

It has been in the news lately as they had a fatal Shark attack of a local man. The beach was closed because of it. Really friendly locals!

Really enjoyed the northland coastline!

I rode into Auckland Friday night and stayed with Dick and Diana again!! Like home base. So thankful for their generosity, help and friendship while in NZ! They had a dinner party with some of their neighbors, so that was fun to be included! Had some great conversations!!

Then I continued south toward Wellington. Met Ken and his mate Warwick in Taumarunui. Remember Ken from my last few Weeks riding to Ushuaia!

He is still carrying his KIWI stuff animal!!

They met me and showed me some of the areas back roads ! The sign says Gravel roads but in KIWI is is called “metal roads” (got it’s name because the gravel was created while mining for Metal)…. Lots of expressions that I am learning here in NZ!

Was really great for them to meet me and show me a but of the area. It included riding the forgotten world hwy to Whanfgamommona (pronounced Fangamomona)

There is a history here, as the town was to be removed from the maps, and so they declared themselves a free republic….

We stayed in the Hotel/Pub roadhouse for the evening with lots of other motorbikes. It is sort of a destination for weekend travelers. The pub was full of riders from all over the area. Was fun to hang out and chat with them.

Of course I need to sort out all the new words including Bloke, Jugs (pitchers of beer) , dear, Love, metal roads, Grouse, Bewdy, shout, tea, Cheers, or chuurs, Mate, chunder, loo, slash, to name a few.

after dinner we were sitting in the dining area, and there were a table of 3 riders, and then 4-5 woman who were with there husband/Boyfriends (the guys had already gone to the bar)….. We look out the window and some young guy was standing out across the street “breaking the seal” one of the woman got up knocked on the window and motioned her disgust, and assaulted his manhood with a hand gesture, as we all laughed very hard!

Then another young guy did the same…. The woman did the same…. Was really funny.

Then the guy at the table next to our took it a bit too far….

Crazy KIWI experiences!