Mapping out the ride

Got all my maps out to look at some of the options to ride. Also mapping ADV folks that have offered places to stay…..

Rode a bit in town to check out the spots. The cem

It has been here since 1800’s and it set up in sections by religion. Interesting.

Then I found the beginning of the coast walk from Werri Beach to Loves beach near Kiama. This is the sign at Loves beach, then I walked the return.

and the warnings …..

Just a very peaceful and beautiful Coastal hike.

See the guy on the rocks fishing?

Some History of the area.

Dream Poles.

and as I enjoyed the hike, it was a great time of reflection, and time to Smell the flowers.

As I walk the last bit of beach…. back to my motorbike. Just enjoying the beauty.

Back to the fish shop to try another type of fish today 🙂

Fresh fish to choose from.


Back to lee’s Shed before the predicted rains started to fall. Lucky is looking better. and the rest of the cows were interested in why I was watching them 🙂

And this was the weather map this morning. Heavy winds and rain. I am working on some computer stuff, reading and waiting for the rain to clear before riding further south. No need to ride in the rain