Omeo- Great Alpine Road then into Melbourne

Thanks to Steve for sure!! Great host and guide!

As I rode up the Great Alpine Road, it is a lovely Fall day.

But what is really great is that this is a wonderful motorcycle road. No better way to start the day than a twisty mountain road that I have to myself

And I ride the first 50 miles seeing no traffic. Awesome

Steve recommended this little detour road that takes me through Falls Creek. I have no idea what to expect expect to enjoy this great area.

I wind my way up to higher elevations, the temps drop, but it is a fun road.

Just a lovely ride

I get up near the top of the hills, and there is snow all about. I have layer up under my Jacket so I am still warm.

Over a large earthen dam.

Temps at 38 degrees F

Pass Falls Creek which is a ski area. and head back down. The fall colors are nice!

Evidence of the big fires here in Australia a couple years ago make interesting patterns on the hills.

Looking back toward Falls Creek area that I just crossed over.

and then up the valley on my way out west before turning south to Melbourne.

I planned a stop in Glenrowan which is part of the last history of Ned Kelly the famous Australian Outlaw and his gang.

It is mainly just a tourist trap of Souvenir shops with “museum” signs to draw you into the shops.

They will sell you T shirts, keychains and a full shop of stuff with Ned Kelly on it.

But It gives me a bit of information about Ned Kelly and his Gang.

The shop keeper said this is the best movie made about Ned Kelly…. So I will have to watch it someday.

As the Shop keeper asked me about my ride, he then when into a 15 minute monolog about UFO’s out in the middle of OZ, starting near Pine Gap, and flying saucers, secret programs worked by the government and CIA….. It was interesting as he was serious and articulate

Then onto Melbourne to Connect up with some Generous ADV riders who have offered accommodation! Just a bit on fuel prices. Seems like around $6.00 /Gallon. I will use a bunch as I cover this big country!

As I roll down the road to Melbourne, I slab for a couple hours to beat the sunset at 5PM….

Lots of Koala Warning signs on this stretch of highway.

and I love this sign. Stay left unless passing. I know it is the way people should drive in US, but so many do not. In Oz they remind people with signs!

Entering Melbourne ….. But it is a very spread out city of 3.5 million. Takes me about an hour to get to the suburb I am going to…

Melborne has an Artsy feel to it even on the freeway dividers along the way into town.

and an old American classic with left hand drive. 60’s Impala

Arrived just before dark….. and the rain Another great riding day! About 500 Km today!