Melbourne City.

Decided to take a couple days in downtown Melbourne so I could walk about and go see the Monet Exhibit at the National Arts Museum.

Rode into the city. Rented a hotel room online for a decent price considering I am right near Museum. Walking and trams easy to get to !

First stop is this exhibit!

Was really great collection of painting from Claude Monet painted from 1870-1925.

It was a great couple hours enjoying these amazing painting and seeing the progression of his painting including when his eyesight was going and special glasses that he had to help him paint.

Could not take photos of the painting but lots of cards and books for sale afterwards for the art lovers.

The gallery has a cool water feature entrance.

and sculture in the entrance. Was fun enjoying the arts for the afternoon!

Then walk into the city center.

Federation Square and the funky architecture

Just being a tourist on a rainy Friday in Melbourne!

Simple fish and chips and a Sparkling Ale from Coopers for dinner!

Saturday morning Peter from came in to have some “brekkie” and chat. He was very helpful and easy to use for shipping my bike from NZ to Australia. It was great to meet him in person! Would recommend him if you are shipping your bike to OZ, and I also plan to use him to get my bike to South Africa!

Once again, I have met some really great people on my ride!