Had a great stay at Precis outside of Melbourne. Loved the conversations. In the morning Steve road out to King Lake to see the places that had huge fires a couple years ago. Destroyed this area about two hundred people. Very sad !

Saying goodbye to another great ADV rider!! Thanks Steve, Liz and Bronwyn

Lots of burnt tree along the way.

Then I met up with friends of Simeon’s who agreed to have me come and stay. Arrive at their home, they had cleared the garage for my bike…..

Figured we would get a few photos of Steve and Helen on the bike….. So they could send them off to Mum to tell her they were ready to head off for a RTW ride

Helen was having fun imagining careening down some twisty road

Once again I was treated to a lovely meal, with my new friends. Great conversations over dinner with some lovely Red wine.

One Glass of wine turned into a few more and we were of late. Great evening

Overdoing it a bit, I decided to stay another night and wait for the weatehr to improve a bit on the Great Ocean Road. So I had a the breakfast of the Aussies

Got some logistics settled, reviewed some Ride Reports, and relaxed. In the evening I was treated to another great meal! at a Coopers Sparling Ale (my favorite beer of all time!)

Lovely Vegetables …

Never leave your camera unattended!!

And Helen helped me remember to get the camera and tripod out to get a photo of the evening! Thanks Steve and Helen for a wonderful stay!