June 19, 2013

20 years ago today I married Chris. She was the love of my life.

We were married almost 18 years when she passed away back in 2011

I count myself very lucky to have spent these wonderful year with Chris. I miss her dearly in my life, but am grateful for the many years we did have together. It is lonely without her in my life, our plans of growing old did not work out the way we had wished. But that is life. Today I smile with the remembrances of our courtship, marriage, raising her son and life lived to the full. I was a lucky one to have had such a good marriage and person to share life with.

So one that note, I had a change of planes today due to the wether, but it allowed me to get my bike into Procycles in Sydney to take a look at my rear Hub. The bearing is loose in the hub The issue surfaced in NZ, where I had my rear wheel bearings changed due to wear, and now somehow the hub is not holding the bearing

The outside spacer has worn badly with the movement of the bearing in the hub.

I went ahead and had then put in a new Bearing with some center punching of the hub and extra Bearing lock tight but I am afraid the hub is toast Will be talking with Woody’s Wheel Works tomorrow in Colorado because I had the stronger hubs, spokes and rims put on the bike just for this reason

The folks at Procycle in Service (Marcel) and parts (Jarrod and Andy) were great to work with as we tried to determine the best way to get me on the road. Thanks Guys.

Tomorrow will be another day!!

Off to Sydney CBD to meet up with some friends of a good High school mate.