People you meet on the road.

One of the things I have found on this ride, is the amazing meetings I have with people on the side of the road. It leads to great conversations about life and sometimes to unique opportunities.
When I was riding down the east coast 5 weeks ago, I stopped at Bald Hill lookout, which had a group of riders stopped. Being fully loaded up seems to start the conversation.

Bill walks up to for a chat. As we are talking about South America, we talk about Antarctica. He had been there recently as well. “What ship?” I say a dutch ship………. The Plancius …. HA Me too! Small world. (not at same time… but still). Bill read my blog and sent me a very kind email after checking out my Blog. He is an instructor for Sail planes, and offer to take me up when I returned to Sydney.

I have done many adventurous things in my life, Parachuting, Bungy Jumping, Heliskiing, Mountain climbing, rock climbing etc…. But I had always wanted to do a glider flight. !

We email and set up time after one reset due to weather. I rode out to Camden airfield to Meet Bill again.

He belongs and is very active in the Sailplane club here. I head out to the field to see what we will be flying in.

Bill, being an instructor, is very throughout in sharing the instrumentation, and set up of the glider.

Including safety checks.

As passenger…. I get the front seat.

OK. Tow plane “tug” is ready. I get settled into the seat and ready to go!

Down the airstrip we go………..

Bill wants to give me a really special ride, so they tow us up to 7,500 feet over Burragorang National park before we get cut loose…..

Ok. We are gliding.

Beautiful Views.

Just a cool feeling as we bank and turn and look around at the great scenery.

A sail plane below us in a Thermal. We climb back up…… to continue our flight to about 1.5 hours flying!

We started in Camden

Had an amazing flight catching some thermals and spending some great time in the air!

Thanks Bill for the great opportunity!!

We had a Coffee and Bite to eat in town and then Bill suggested I ride out to the Lookout in Burragogong

Nice way to see the area from the sky and the road!!

Amazing People that you meet along the road ! Had some great life conversations with Bill and will never forget my time in the Sailplane!

Thanks so much Bill
Video to follow….. It is importing to imovie now and will work on it shortly!