Enjoying friends on the road

Have had a great week in Cairns area with Rod and his mates. Once again, I have met some wonderful people and enjoyed this time immensely.

Had coffee at the downtown market with Rob Sunday morning, and then got a few errands done before I am off again.

It is always hard to capture all the days adventures and things that you do on the road. But sometimes it is the little things that stand out. Rod took me to see his aunt Jean. She is in her 90’s and living on her own. It was a memorable time as we set on her lovely open air veranda and she shared some memories of growing up in Australia and times during WW II . She was from out in the bush, but ended up working for the “yanks” in Sydney. She met General MacArthur ( had vividly remembers the corncob pipe and his wife), was in Sydney when there was a Mini sub attack by the Japanese. It was so interesting as she recalled a wonderful life lives, and a very different time in our world history. The US and Australia have been Allies for so long. Thanks Jean and Rob for that great time!!

In the Afternoon, it was time to throw some “meat on the Barbie”. Rod suggested I invite Ed and Susie over for dinner as we had only spent time at the ER And he invited a few others and Nick and Leanna also joined us!

Everyone was on bikes

It was great as Ed and Susie are out on their ride, and soon Ed’s journey out of Australia. Nick and Leanna are planning to Head to South America to ride later this year! So much fun being with other “adventurously spirited people”

And since it was Ed’s Birthday!! Had a cake ready…..

Long goodbye in the garage …… Bike & gear talk 🙂 And of course Ed just rides a motorcycle even with his broken left foot.

My last day on the east coast of Australia!! Monday morning it is back to “work” riding to the center of Australia and through the great outback!!