Karumba to Camooweal

Up early to make another full day on the road. As I head west, I realize crossing Australia is a big deal. It is very Isolated and remote. One must be careful which way you decide to ride. Being solo, and not real experienced at riding in the true bush, also fills my mind. That and I need to cover some ground so that I have enough time to explore NT, and Western Australia.

The sky is big and blue. Temps in the morning are 40’s F (5C) and 70F (18) mid day. Glad it is not summer as it would be too hot to want to ride.

Look a bend in the road


Lots more Jagged teeth along the way

Some of the first road trains. They sway back and forth, so you need to plan your passing with a wider road.

Typical roadhouse that has petrol and food, and sometimes rooms.

I met Gary and Raylene in Normanton and Stayed at the same place in Karumba. Crossing paths along the route.

They are doing a trip around Australia. I liked there Sticker.

Road trains. My camera could not get it all.

About 400Km before noon. as I ride toward Mount Isa (i decided to skip riding out to Lawn Hill , as I wanted to make it to the center and then west and still have a bit of time)

Through Mount Isa

Lots of land ahead of me, so I play it safe and ride the Tarmac across to Camoweal.

It is all new for me, so I am interested in the landscape, scrub and bush.

As I travel across the remoteness that is the Australian Outback you realize the magnitude of the place. Also you see lots of Road Kill in the form of Kangaroos, Wombats, Cattle etc. You realize if you crashed out here, the Huge Wedge Tail Eagles will swoop in and pick you apart. Had to duck for more that a few of these large eagles as they lifted off the road kill. Death out here is a way of life.


Just lots of distance to cover, sky and road just sweeping out in front of me.

The last town in Queensland. Camooweal. Rode about 720 KM for the day. Still a long way to the middle!

And lots of these guys around.

with all there gear.

Watching the road trains roll by.

Darkness comes to the town. But the moon was almost full which provided lots of light.