The main reason to ride the many miles to the Red Center is to be a tourist and visit Urulu and Ayers Rock. I was here 25 years ago, slept in a tent at the base of the rock, and climbed it. You cannot camp here anymore, they built a resort town Yulara for all accommodation. You can still climb the rock, but it is downplayed as it is an Aboriginal Sacred Site.

To get here, it is a long way from everything Fortunately I love to be riding and the daytime temps are nice at 65-70’s

But at night it down to freezing

Australia is a huge place. Saw this little map to help give perspective.

About 250 miles from Alice springs.

One of the first things that you see is Mt Connor, not Urulu

I arrived at Yulara at 1 Pm, decided to stay at the Outback lodge. Crazy the prices at a tourist destination. Would have camped but it was freezing at night. A room was $260 USd/Night But they had a backpacker room for $46. 4 bunk room. Worked out fine.

Then a ride out to see the rock and ride over to see the Olgas which are really cool. The first good view of Uluru

Then I continued 45KM to see these.

The Olgas are really amazing

The Desert has some nice color

The Olga’s

The Indigenous peoples name is Kata Tjuta

I had time to do a 5 km hike through the Olgas called Whispering winds.

In the middle of them. Hard to photograph

Was great afternoon checking this area out.

Then back to Uluru to see the sunset! Was fun talking with so many people as we watched and waited for the sun to set!


Was fun to be here! People from all over the world come to see this!