Next morning up at 6am, ride out to the other side of Uluru to watch the sunrise. It is 33 degrees (0C) . But part of what us tourists do out here. Feeling very much like a tourist as the buses, caravans all line up to head out to the rock.

As the sun starts to rise over the horizon…..

everyone poised with their Digital camera’s Go Pro’s etc to capture the moment

And here it is.

The moon is out.

with the Olgas in the distance

Time to get back on the road and head north.

I road out to Kings Canyon 300KM away, Then out along the Mereenie Loop Which is a couple hundred KM of unsealed roads.

Had to get a pass since I was crossing Aboriginal Lands.

Learning a bit about the culture and history of the Aboriginal peoples!

Getting a little look at the real outback. The road had some spots of heavy washboard and sandy patches.

in 200 KM I saw 3 Vehicles passing the other way.

Got a feel for the dusty red outback, and arrived back in Alice Springs before dark. Another 700+ KM day of riding!

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