Up early to ride in the cool of the day from Kununurra

Up to Wyndam to take a look at the views.

and you can see where the Ore is waiting for loading to a ship!

Had to pass a few road trains along the way, as they were loaded with some type of Ore (probably Nickel) headed to port to ship out.

These big road trains have 90 Wheels first photo is just 1/2

Down a side road to see this estuary

Nice looking water, but No swimming

Cool birds and lilies.

Rode down to Purnululu National Park to see the Bungle Bungles (it is one of 4 world heritage sites in WA)

It is a cool place, and we decided to see it from the air and land.

Took off in the open air Helicopter!

I really like this photo as we flew over the open Savanah

Checking out the Geology of the area, as we fly toward the Bungle Bungles

Just stunning!

Then around to see the Bungle Bungles which are Windswept Sandstone that has worn into Cone Kastes

Too many photos …. have to share them

Then back to the Caravan park


Tony our Pilot.

We had rented pre- set up Safari Tents with beds. Ha new term “glamping”