Broome to Port Hedland 600KM.

Port Hedland is a major port fro shipping Iron Ore

Continuing to ride down the western coast. This stretch is just inland of the coast and not much to see. The weather is great and having a good ride!

As we ride into Port Hedland they have a huge Salt mine. They flood the area in pools and then harvest the salt for use all over the world.

We rolled into this mining town and the acccommodation was very full. We ended up in the Caravan park in a two bedroom unit.

It was race day (horse) in Port Hedland, so the town was busy. As we took a taxi into town, they had a Police stop to check for Alcohol. We arrived at a local hotel to have dinner. And it was great that Rick and Dawn came down to join us for dinner. Rick contacted me about a place to stay, And was so glad to have time to chat with them about so many really important issues in the area. Still digesting the conversation! Thanks so much Rick and Dawn!! We all enjoyed the evening!

This area is big on mining. The red earth is amazing color

and it gets onto everything. My boots started to change color

As we rode out of town, there were several large building being moved. The truck and building covered the whole road, so everyone needed to pull over.

And lots more road trains loaded with Iron Ore.

When passing you need to really get on the throttle

and yes, with all the road trains….. There is tyre debris along the roads

We rode inland to see Karijini National Park

On the way the hills grew, and buttes looked very old.

Dales Gorge

Diana capturing the Desert flowers.

You might look at her blog for her take on the desert!

The red earth is really striking!

We arrived into Tom Price and will do a Mine tour this morning!