Monkey Mia

What an amazing sunrise this morning. (Would have loved to have my bike in the shot but the small boat looks good!)

Awesome morning in Monkey Mia

Arose early and walked the beach. Not too many people around, but the Pelicans and the Dolphins swimming along the beach was really special

I was a tad worried about coming to Monkey Mia based on the photos I had seen of all the “tourists” lined up on the beach at feeding time. But there have been plenty of hours to enjoy the area with no crowds.

Pelicans swooping in

Dolphins just trolling for fish

But at 7:45 the “tourists” all arrive for feeding time.

Just walk away and go have some coffee…… the best part of morning was over

Nah… the kids love to feed the dolphins

Then I took a catamaran trip out to enjoy the area.

Including a stop at a black pearl farm in the bay. Was actually interesting hearing the process and history.

Had some dolphins ride the bow wake.

The contrasting water and earth colors were great!

a look back at the resort area.

With a bit of time relaxing near the beach.

What is cool is that as I was sitting on the beach…. the wildlife just keeps happening by.

Then this big Pelican shows up….

Because the guy behind me starts cutting up his catch of the day….

Was a great day hanging out in an amazing place…… I’m not real good just hanging out on the beach. But one day OK…..