On the road again riding south. the Kalbarri coastline is very rugged and beautiful

The terrain changes and green fields and some hills appear (have not ridden these in awhile)

Riding to Hutt River. The road trains kick up some dust!

Bit of an interesting history as I ride to the “principality of Hutt River”.

He succeeded from Australia in 1970 after a dispute about Wheat Quota payments. He was very clever using the laws to remain an independent “nation”.

He has his own stamps, currency and government offices

As I ride south the temps are dropping, the clouds fill the sky and the road trains are getting smaller

One of the signs that has struck me is the fire warning signs. The category of “catastrophic” . After seeing some of teh country, you can see why fire, and wind can cause catastrophic consequences.

Had a little bit of rain as I rode along the Indian Ocean coast road to Cervantes. But it was the first rain in more than a month or two. Did have to put on my top rain gear! All warm and dry.
As I ride south, thoughts of Cape Town, South Africa fill my head. Lots of details as I get ready to ship me and my bike to Africa. Will get bike serviced, new tires, shipping details finalized, my flights sorted and booked. ….. Just part of the entire experience of world travels!