Port Alfred

We had a great day in Port Alfred, South Africa. It was the 18th and the eve of Jorg’s Birthday So Lily and I decided that we would make the Birthday dinner.

His “cake” with a candle burning!

Jorg enjoying his Meal, and then “cake” before opening a couple small gifts (since we have been together 24/7 it was hard to purchase gifts without him knowing But we did it!)

Thursday Morning Sunrise!

We packed up and were ready to go! Yvonne was fantastic and made our stay really special!! Yvonne!

Down the road we go …… Meeting up with some other riders in Gonubie (east of East London)

As we started out riding East. Jorg was bitten by something in his helmet, so we pulled over to check it out. When we went to go, My bike almost did not start Hummm TowPro has send me a message about the F800GS Stators (which I was aware of) When BMW swapped out my battery, checked the codes I would have thought that charging levels would have come up…..

Anyway, we were about 56 KM outside east London and decided to ride on and see how far we could get. Along the way, My ABS light came on and shortly after I lost all power in Gauges, headlight ect. Bike still ran for another 30 KM to just into East London.

The bike died just as we entered town, at a light. We pushed it around a corner to a safe place to wait for a way to get it to a dealer to figure out the exact issue. It is always amazing how these things happen. On this corner of town, I GS rider sees us, and comes out to see if we needed help. His 1200GS was just inside the door near where I broke down. Stephen. So nice to meet you!

Stephan, called some friends and the BMW dealer… How amazing is it that I have such helpful people all around!

One of the riders we are meeting, named Dewald quickly arranged a mototrailer and showed up to load the bike with his Mechanic.

All loaded up, we were weighing the options and decided to stop at the local Kawasaki Moto Dealer, as the BMW dealer that was here closed down. Dewald called the owner, Roger Barnes, explained the situation and we were in the shop in just a few minutes.

After checking the battery, it was decided to check out the Regulators function. Walter and the Mechanic knew some other riders with F800’s and one of them came down to let us pull his regulator and plug it into my bike WOW amazing! Thanks for the help!! Words do not convey the gratefulness that I feel as people go out of their way to help a stranger on the road!

But the regulator did not solve the issue, and after some more calls with BME it looks like the Stator has died. It is an expensive new part from BMW as it only comes as “kit”. But ….. I called Rhett at BMW in Port Elizabeth, and he was checking on availability of the new Stator….. When I called him back he told me he had a “used” stator off a wrecked bike that I could have (since it would be a couple days to get me a new one)!! PE is 3 hours drive away.
Once again…. Dewald arranged for one of his Courier drivers to pick it up and bring it to East London that night, so we could install it first thing in the morning! WOW.

The group of riders is here in town to start riding tomorrow toward Sani Pass. Might get my bike repaired and still be able to catch up with them.

What can I say. THANK YOU for all the help and support in sorting out my broken bike. It is one of the things that I have seen so many times along this ride. Wonderful people helping out other riders in so many amazing ways!!