No wifi for a few days. So I need to recap.

First. Jorg is all better now. His eyes were swollen shut, and we stayed in Gonubie for a couple days so that could heal up. Although it looked bad, he had no pain, just the body clearing out the poison!

It was hard to keep him from checking in with Wild Dogs and ADV while he was recovering.

While Jorg was relaxing and healing up, Lily was busy taking some photos in the area. and I got to get a few photos of them

and some of the locals enjoying the surf!

And while on the road, there are always little things that need to be repaired. Had a zipper that would go down too far, and come off the track. So I sewed up a stop to keep it from happening!

On Sunday morning we left Gonubie, to ride up around Lestho to catch up with the other KLR clan riders. Unfortunately we had to skip Sani Pass and Lestho due to the timing!

Filled with Petrol it is 13.0 Rand per Liter.

As we just started out of East London, the road felt a bit bumpy …… When we stopped……..

Yup. Blew the rear Shock.

We decided to carry on and rode the 600KM (360 Miles) through some beautiful area to the town of Fouriesburg. we rode up the N6 (friendly route)

Some signs warning of speed!

Then enjoying the countryside

and the mountains and buttes. Lestho is a mountainous country just east of us!

As we got closer to town, there was some stretches of highway that had lots of Potholes…. as they had marked with large road signs. This is where one appreciates suspension

We stayed at the Fouriesburg Country Inn that was a nice place, and had lots of bikers riding in!

Nice dining room

Prices are reasonable

We had a bit of the next day to relax and wait for the other riders, so taking time to smell the flowers!

The KLR riders rolled into town.

On monday Am, we started contacting places in Johannesburg to get a new shock. Fortunately Jorg, had contacted the Wilber rep in JoBurg, and he has one in stock. But Tuesday is a National Heritage Holiday. So I had to wait until Wednesday am for him to return to Joburg. The Adventure continues

As the boys got gear unpacked, off to the Pub!

Then onto a nice dinner within the Inn.

Trip down to the Wine Cellar

After dinner, the “fines committee” convened.

And the Jager flowed.

Tuesday Morning we rode the 300 KM up to Joburg.

[IMG]On the way up to Joburg. Had a chuckle at this restaurant


Rick one of the guys on the group invited us to stay at his place the night

and we cross into the next state Gauteng, in South Africa for me!

getting closer to JoBurg, signs of lots of people!

Getting to Joburg with no shock was challenging as every bump in the road was really several. Not the best thing to do on the bike, but needed to get somewhere to replace the shock!!