After we left Grootfountain, we had heard about the largest Meteorite that has been found intact on the earth. So lets have a look.

it weights 60 tons….. Can you imagine what that would have been like? The one that landed in Russia recently was 1200 Lbs… injured 1600 and caused lots of damage from the shockwaves….

Then onto Tsumeb

After seeing the Hoba Meteorite we headed off on some gravel roads enroute to Estosha National Park

The temps were rising as we headed north…. Lots of dust and loose gravel along the way. Loving it!

We arrive just 5 Km south of the park. You cannot ride a motorbike into the Game parks.

We finally had a little internet….. So Jorg was checking on my Ride report to see what we have been doing (and maybe check FB, Wild Dog forum, KLR Clan forum, etc).

The bar is called a Shebeen. We had seen this all over Namibia, but got a full written history of the name …… It was originally the irish name of a unlicensed bar……

It is decorated up with lots of political posters

Can you spot the Radioman sticker?

Then we had some live music in the bar before dinner!

Had a chuckle at this wine label…… Who me? could not bring myself to try this one….. Will save it until I get old

Next morning we signed up for the Game drive. Hoping to see the 5th of the big 5 for me! Started off with a Pride of three Lions.

Here two of them

They are lazing about in the morning sun. But what is amazing is the size of them….

The Game parks and full of Animals…. But of course you never know which ones will be close by……. We had a good day.

The horns of these animals look crazy dangerous.

The watering hole is always a great place to see lots of animals.

My favorite water hole photo

We also had the near National Geographic Moment as one of the small Antelopes lost it’s footing and fell into the water! The other animals all moved away, except the Jackels… Two of them were on this little antelope in seconds….. The Swiss woman in our jeep, was saying “no, no, no” as the jackels looked like they would get an early lunch. BUT somehow the antelope, broke away….. unharmed. Happened too quick to photograph… But it was cool

While at the watering hole enjoying the show. The guide spots a couple Lions way out on the edge of the area….. He was good. We drove out around to the direction they were heading. The tracking paid off, as a Pride of 16+ Lions Mom’s, cubs, and dads headed right past us! Amazing!!

We were also tracking a Rhino that had been spotted…..

But never saw one

Zebras are amazing to watch….. and look out for the “white” elephants coming in for water and a bath.

Antelopes and Ostrich

two large males…..

they are “white” because they splash the water up on themselves and the clay here is white…..

Have so many photos of the animals that I will stop now. In the Game parks, it is a bit crazy as the tour operators all try to get their vehicles into the right spot to see the lions….

Here was our ride…..

The Estosha Safari Camp was a great place. Of course being near to the Estosha National park it was touristy and a bit more expensive…. But Eileen who is the manager was great!!!! Eileen!!

Next morning we were off and riding early in the cool of the morning! Of course we needed to watch out for the Pumba or Warthogs….

Blasting along some gravel roads as we explore the area.

some local tribe members waving hello!

More than a few gates to open and close as we ride on…..

The geology is changing as we have buttes and rock out droppings!

We ride into Vingerkip “Finger Rock”

Jorg wanted me to see this before the sandstone erodes more and it falls over….

From the base you can see other buttes!

Our road out

We ride onto Spitzkoppe. Had lots of gravel roads, with some serious sandy patches to keep it interesting

Not a bad place to spend the night at the base of the Spitzkoppe

another great african sunset!