Had a great evening in Gross SpitzKoppe in the Chalet. What a view.

Then off we rode in the morning !

The road conditions change on the non sealed roads. Had corrugated and sandy patches near the park. But lots of hard packed gravel and loose rocks as well.

100KM of gravel road out to the coast to HentiesBay. Saw a group of rides all in Yamaha 660 Tenere’s ….. But did not stop to chat.

Just straight flat sandy roads to the coast. Was a bit hard to see the changes in the road conditions.

Arrived at the Atlantic Ocean!! Now I have been to both sides of teh Atlantic on this ride

We rode down the coast and stayed in Swakopmund. Since Namibia was a German Colony…. This has the feel of a Germany town. They had a tourist conference, so things were all neat and tidy. Some painted walls in town, and some of the widest unpaved streets I have ever seen in a town.

Goodbye to the Ocean…. Down to Walvis Bay and then Sossusvei

Ah…. Here is our road.

a few passes to get to Sossusvei (as we went the indirect route)

The changes in the terrain where great!

Had to do the mandatory stop in Solitare for Famous Apple Crumble.

Then onto Sossusvei.

Arrived at the Camp, and got a spot.

Hot and dry. But they had a pool!

Enjoyed the sunset!!

Another great day in Namibia!