As the Sun rose in the East, it bathed the west coast in a glow. Just lovely view to wake up to this morning (Friday).

Jumped on the bike …. Still Chuckling that Otterchaos had been at my bike in the middle of the night (Thankful it was not Larryboy, who would have moved it somewhere )

As I rode north, it was a chilly morning :vary (that’s 0 C)

But the Sun is shining and I am riding up the Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH) and along the Big Sur area! was a little behind schedule so I had to ride fast to try and make up time!!

Had been Pm’ing with Hdawg, and he rode down the coast to meet me! Was a tad late, but so was he We met at Kirk Creek Campground.

Then off we rode, and Jim was great about sharing his knowledge of the area, and stories of the people who live along the Big Sur stretch. Always been a favorite of mine!!

Stopped at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, to see the cove and waterfall!

Stopped at the Coast Gallery for a cup of coffee, and to see some Loet Vanderveen Sculptures, and the Bixby Bridge

Smelling the Flowers as well

We reach Carmel, and stop to look at a famous house designed by Green and Greene. Stunning location!

Once again, I am fortunate to meet amazing people from the ADV community. I am so grateful that people have generously reached out to me, and shared their knowledge, Hospitality and families with a traveling rider. It has made my life richer for it! Thanks to Jim and Margret and their two great teenage kids for a wonderful evening meal, and conversations!! It starts with a thread on a motorcycle forum, and then grows into larger conversations about life, travel, and everything in-between!! Fantastic!!

Saturday Morning, We say goodbye as they get into their Saturday Tasks at hand and I ride north on Hwy 1 toward San Francisco. Riding up the coastline is beautiful, Sunny, but windy. Enjoying the solitude of the ride, and reflecting on the time spend back in the US, and the people I have met and shared time with! Great!! So full of gratitude that I want to burst!

Now I am back into places that I have ridden, and decided to make a quick stop at Alice’s on Skyline Blvd.

Roll in and there are just two bikes, as it is a cold winter morning! :chat with the riders and then had a huge late Breakfast/Lunch

“you can get anything you want” Alices Restaurant

Then I am back on the road riding north. and my Photos of PCH do not do it Justice. It is Spectacular!! With some nice twisty sections!!

I have a place to be at 2Pm. Not to sure, but somehow know I need to be there.

Ride through the big city and out over the Iconic Golden Gate bridge!

A quick stop to get a photo overlooking the bridge and SF. It’s Saturday and more people than I want……. But worth the stop.

As I get back on my bike, just enough time to spare as I still have 1/2 ride to the appointed spot to stop.
Few days ago, I open Facebook and read the first post in the Timeline.

I met Bill Beckwith, when he rode his motorcycle into Ushuaia on New Years Eve. With Sherri Jo, Young James, Phil, we celebrated the new year and then the next morning geared up and rode out of Argentina and Back into Chile.

He was killed riding his Motorcycle Home. A car apparently turned left in front of him. As a fellow rider, my heart goes out to his Family and friends. He is the second rider that i met in South America that have lost their lives while riding. It hit close to home. The memorial saws set for Sunday as I was riding through SF…. So I felt like out of respect I would attend. An adventurous life ended too early. His close family and friends gathered to say goodbye, cry, and celebrate his life, his humor and kindness. Billy you will certainly be missed.

Less than 3 weeks ago we were exchanging PM’s about me riding through SF, and possibly putting on a little presentation at Piston and Chain, his moto Club.

Life is Short and life is precious! RIP Billy

Then I rode back over to Oakland to stay at Nixels Place. When I arrive…… LarryBoy and Mrs Larryboy (to be known as “Bob the Tomato” on ADV someday ), and He Sister!! We had a great dinner and talked and laughed into the evening!!

So good to connect with old friends!!

What a day…… Just one step closer to being back in Oregon! But so much more to come!!