Just wanted to take a brief time to write about some issues of long term travel in foreign countries. As the experiences of any traveler can vary greatly depending on so many variables including expectations, finances, weather, people you meet and come in contact with, your riding buddy, etc.

As my adventure continues there have been a few things I wanted to comment on.

1) Riding Partners. Sam and I had talked about riding in Costa Rica while stilling out in the mountains of Oregon a few years ago. So when I decided to go on my adventure Sam decided to join me for part of the trip. It has gone well, but there are always differences when you have more than yourself to worry about. We have had a few moments as we both have “hot buttons” or different agendas. No way to really know how you will interact/react to these differences. We have talked and laughed about them. I told Sam that I was going to write about this. We met Lars and Harietta on the road, and had this same conversation!!

2) When I envisioned my trip, I had in my mind a vision of how it would go, but since I have started I am thinking differently. There are so many logistics to worry about, Visa, Shipping, Carnet, seasons around the world, financial considerations on this journey and beyond, etc. That I have had to shorten my vision to getting to bottom of South America and Antarctica then figure out how to proceed. Just too much to consider as I am going forward including how I am feeling about this journey in my life. I am open to how this Adventure unfolds and where it takes me, but now that I have been mostly on the road for 5 months I have had time to reflect on the trip.

3) Though I am on this chapter of my life, I have always been a planner. Cannot seem to change this, and it really has served me well. So I still need to consider “chapter 4” in the future. What’s next in my life? What work will I do? Relationship? (I had a great marriage and really know that I want someone to share my life with), future dreams….. Just a few thoughts from the road!