I am in a good place right now as I study spanish, relax and take in Antigua while my bike is being worked on. Frank stopped into the dealer for me today as I had not heard anything. Sounds like they welded the side cover today and will be putting it back together tomorrow. Communications have been a bit sketchy as I have not been right there, but it will work out.

Just a few thoughts as an adventure traveler. Not sure many people talk about the ups and downs while on a long journey like this one.

Have met several solo travelers on the trip through Mexico and Guatemala. They have all had similar experiences. Sometimes you question why you have chosen to do this type of trip, as it is not really a “vacation” type trip. There are time of elation and times of loneliness as you wish you had someone to share the trip with. For me, this is somewhat compounded as I really miss my wife, and I seem to be in limbo to the next chapter. I take this all as part of my journey.

I have been on the road for over six months, the experiences of the time on the road has been amazing, the people I have interacted with and the sights I have seen. Certainly will look back with great fondness and satisfaction on the journey.

While you are in the middle of this kind of trip there is a great deal of decisions to make each day, about where to go, where to stay, where to eat etc. Simple I know, but being in a foreign land it takes more efforts. There are also many moments of “that’s really cool” and experiences the culture in new ways. Experiences I could never have at home.

It is out of the “comfort zone” with a certain amount of risk included, but in the end it is the choice to be made for these type of experiences that most people never have. That is all part of “homesickness” which I can understand and make it through.

Looking forward to the months ahead as I make my way to South America and the “end of the road”, and Antarctica.

Christmas on the road will be different. Not the normal time with family and friends, and I have no idea where I will spend it. It will be another day on the road. These can sometimes be emotional, and other times they are not. No idea for me at this point.

OK. Back to the rest of the ride report