Another day on the Sunshine Coast.

A part of normal everyday Aussie life. But I have not acquired the taste for it

Took a bit of a ride, but have had a really sore neck and shoulders. So I stopped at a Physio place. Good move on my part. They did a really good job getting it back in order. Not a dodgy massage place

Then rode over the Australia Zoo.

Big Croc here.

And the whole Erwin family in Bronze

Was in time for a Croc Show

Learned a few things about Croc’s

Still behind the fence

Then a bit of exploring to see the other Aussie animals.

Watched a Birds of Pray show.

Then as I was looking at the Wombats….

A guy looks at me in my moto gear. “hey are you Radioman?” Yup. “your famous”

It is ADV rider Jelkie and his family enjoying an afternoon at the Zoo! Nice to meet you

Was a really great Zoo.

Stopped and Bought some new maps for the middle of the country!

And finally my new rear Wheel has arrived in Sydney and SYDADVGS has generously forwarded the wheel to Brisbane so that I can pick it up tomorrow and start heading further north!