LOGISTICS: As I continue on this journey, there are always logistics that need to be planned, decided upon and acted on. I arrived back in Auckland last weekend, and started to wrap up my time in New Zealand.

Had to finalize my shipping of my bike to Australia, also had two visits to BMW 1) to take care of the issue with my fuel pump errors under warranty They replaced the entire fuel pump assembly. Experience BMW has been great in helping me get this taken care of! Thanks to Sebastian the service Manager for an awesome job!! 2) had another 6,000 miles service since that is what I rode in 7 weeks in NZ

As the sun sets on Auckland, I cannot help but reflect about the wonderful time I had riding in New Zealand and the people that I have met along this part of my trip.!

I really cannot thank Dick and Dian Hubbard enough for their friendship and Hospitality here in New Zealand. It has been the highlight of my time here in NZ and know that this friendship will last a lifetime as I am sure that we will meet again somewhere in the world!

Knowing my story with caring for Chris and Alzheimer’s they connected me with folks from the Alzheimer’s Auckland/New Zealand when I arrived. This week, I was asked to speak at two events. Sharing our story with Alzheimer’s disease has been a very good thing. Hopefully helping others facing the disease, and sharing some things that helped us live well through the “long Goodbye”.

Last night I presented our story to a large gathering in Auckland, including some slides and videos that I had to put together for this event. It was a good evening, but I realize that as I awoke this morning that it was full of emotion as I relived the journey. I beat this am…. drained. But in a good way as I hope that I helped some of the people who attended!

I also had Sally from the Alzheimer’s Auckland volunteer to show me around the area on the weekend. We did a couple of great walks.

Some waterfalls….

I even had a little rain As I have had amazing weather on my time in NZ never putting on my raingear while riding 🙂

And here I was posing with her son William!

and he shows me how to do a Radioman Jump!

On Monday night, Sherri Jo Wilkins came back to Auckland as her bike was still not running correctly and she needed to get it sorted out! We had a wonderful evening sitting on the veranda enjoying the Auckland Skyline and sharing travel stories! Of Course Dick would be glad that we also handled a few world problems as well

Sherri Jo got her bike back and running much better.

Then she was off again to ride south in NZ! Ride Safe my friend!!

As I have a bit of time, it is always interesting to share some of the little things I find interesting. The water Jug is a staple in every home that I was in NZ. Always available day or night for a cup of Tea!

and I was struck by the various differences in US and NZ cultures. Like the Car repair shops, called “panelbeaters”

It is fun to take in these subtle differences!

The rest of my free time has been cleaning my F800 like showroom condition!

Back at BMW for a final service and tire changes so I will hit the ground riding in Australia!! Experience BMW has been great. Note the brand new watercooled GS sitting outside to temp me 🙂

And then with the magic of the internet ….. I had dinner with one of my local neighbors Mary Lynn and John who live down the way on my same street. Small world!

Just continuing to clean my bike, book tickets and sort out last minute details for the weeks ahead! I fly out on Sunday Morning so I am down to my last 48 hours in NZ.