A few more bits of information on getting set up to ride.

I purchased Liability insurance for my motorcycle through NAC insurance
800 501-508 Other insurance companies did not want to cover international driver or for only the full year. 3 months was $110USD Liability only with $500/ Deductible in case of accident.…ycle-insurance

Bike is still being worked on….. Hoping it will be ready tomorrow!

In the mean time, I am enjoying some time in Auckland. Have a great place to stay with amazing hosts. Really is amazing how great this is to meet people on the road, connect and become friends, then have them provide amazing hospitality!! Very lucky I am.

Had the day to see a bit of downtown Auckland on this beautiful Summer day.

Auckland is know for it’s sailing . Near the Maritime Museum is the NZ1 from the 1988 America’s Cup. Having sailed and raced long ago this is cool to see!

and a few retired boats that now take tourists out for a sail.

and a current catamaran raceboat which I have watched sailing the harbor. Impressive indeed….

Some of you might remember Alex Shustrick from Russia who was the third International Rider that the ADV community helped to come to the USA and ride. That was 5 years ago, and I have stayed in touch with Alex. He now is a resident of New Zealand working here!

Here is the thread for those that missed it.

His English was not very good when he came on the ride to the US, so his communication and understanding was difficult. He had an amazing ride, but was limited on his english language which made it very difficult. But he told me the ride changed his life. He never would have been able to make the changes and end up in NZ without the help of ADV! So glad I was apart of this. He seems very happy with this new life and has dreams of riding and traveling!

We had the chance to walk around Auckland, and he treated me to lunch!! We caught up on our lives and plan to ride together before I leave NZ!!

Here we are next to his dream bike Tenere 750 that he purchased here in NZ.

What a great way to spend the day!! The ADV community and connection has been so great for me. It has allowed me to meet people from all over the word, share in the love of motorcycle riding and experience travel in many foreign countries. Participating in helping bring deserving foreign riders has ben one of the very best things that I have done on this site! And I plan on getting it restarted once I return to the US after my journey!!