Back in the USA.

Flew of Buenos Aires. Night Flight. 9 Hours to Houston. Then transfer to PDX.

Strange being on United Airlines as the cabin crew is all speaking English. No more greetings like in Argentina. Kiss, Kiss, No Buen Dia, Gracias etc. Will miss it!!

Long flight. Hard to get much rest. Was very interesting walking through First and Business class with sleeper seats and larger flat plan screens at each seat, until I arrive at my seat “steerage” . It seems like luxury for the “rich” is getting more plush, while regular travel is the same or worse. Much like the changes in our countries as the disparity of poor vs. wealth grows..

Reading the book by Tom Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum about America. Called That Used To Be

As I travel my mind wanders to now that I am well into my Adventure, How will I perceive this world differently? How much have I changed during the past 19 months of my trip? What are my expectations? Should be interesting as I get back to all the familiar of home.

Seeing other cultures and places makes you see your life differently.

Fortunately. I grew up in the US at an amazing time in history. I had great parents, and had opportunities that few have. Was taught to work hard, was fortunate that I did well in business, Married the love of my life, cared for her to her end, and now living a dream of riding the world on a motorcycle. Grateful for this time, the experiences I am having all along the way.

This little stop over at home will be fun, but I did not tell too many as I had lots of details to get taken care of and limited time. Typically I pack my schedule as I to make the most of it! But this time I did not 🙂

But I was able to go to the Local BMW dealer for a movie of riding the Backcountry of Colorado which was fun,as I have ridden some of these roads!! Also got to stop at the ONE motorcycle show in Portland, and meet up with some ADV riders as well! Was great to see you, missed others. Sorry!

Had a conversation with a few riders that really touched me. Putting my ride and my life out on the internet has been really amazing. It has connected me to so many people around the world. And having people tell you that they follow along, and that what I am sharing is meaningful and impacting their lives positively is really amazing. Just a simple guy out making the most of life. But it is with great satisfaction that you realize how cool it is to share! Thank You all that took the time to tell me what this thread has meant to you!

Thank You. Stay tuned as there is more adventure to come !