Bariloche to Buenos Aires

so on the morning on january 15, 2013 It was time for Youngest Ollie and I to go our separate ways…. We rode out of Bariloche early in the beautiful sunny and calm morning

really great morning to ride….. Youngest Ollie is still in my rearview mirror. But I know this will change very soon as we have different plans…..

We stop at the branch in the road to share a goodbye as our travels take us different places. It is part of the ride. It is change. It is hard sometimes to do, as you have had a great time traveling, riding and sharing the journey. But we do it.

We said goodbye and I knew that I had 1500 Km of flat hot road to Buenos Aires. (Youngest Ollie was headed for Pucon, Chile as he continues his ride north to Alaska! Once again we met on the road as “strangers” but shared an amazing ride up Ruta 40, His first real “crash” on Gravel and the sunny weather in Caraterra Austral. What a great time is was. I will cherish the memories! But now across Argentina….

Had to stop for gas along the way. Hum, Gas lines…….. In the heat….. Was thinking how lucky we have it in the US and other parts of the world where supply of fuel has not been a real issue for 40 years.

Then many more hours of this. Not my favorite riding but opened the throttle and cruised across the plains toward the big city.

That was pretty much my ride for the day. Rode about 500 Miles which for south America was huge day. But I was just making time. Stopped about half way to Buenos Aires and found a hotel and dinner before going to bed. It was 100 Degree F and I wanted to leave early at 6 am in the cooler part of the day.

Next morning I was up early….. Has a great sunrise, and headed down the road.

Had some light rain for about an hour, but cleared as i rode east…… Was 75 degrees even in the rain! No rain gear necessary!

Finally signs for Buenos Aires….

When I was about 50Km out of the city it turns into a wide toll road but motos were free ! But a truck had taken out a sign post … so some traffic was backing up. Buenos Aires is 7-8 Million people so it is like riding into many other big cities….

But it was fast riding into the city

But the toll roads near the city Motos had to pay. Then I exited to the centro of the city. It is 9 De Julio 6 lanes each direction passing the Eva Peron Building

Rode into town at 3:30 Pm, found the apartment that Claude had rented for a month with no issues. GPS coordinates are great!

Felt great to ride into Buenos Aires as it is the last big city of South America for me!! Weather was 88 Degree F and sunny….. Love it!