We rode into Brazil. It was a great feeling riding in the last country that I wanted to ride in while in south America. Sadly, I will not be able to see much of Brazil, as I have a date to ship my bike and need to be back in Buenos Aires to do this. As a traveler you are always making decisions about where to go, what to see, how long to stay etc. And so often, I just have to say to myself, “you cannot see it all, Just enjoy the moments!”.

The first town after Chui, is where we needed to stop and get some Brazilian Reals.

Claude (Claudio) found his next business

Then back out to the first beach town…. We wanted to stay on the beach and found a place with nice thatched umbrella and a view out to the ocean.

We had to ride down to the beach. The place we stayed is just behind us with the two black umbrellas. Was a great place to relax and take in some sun!

Just before sunset we were enjoying our views. The kids were riding there bikes on the beach.

We sat and watched the “red” moon rise over the ocean!! fantastic, but the camera just did not capture this at all.

Next morning, it was great to enjoy our view, but we then decided to travel further up into Brazil as it was Claudes Birthday and he was looking for a Party.

On the way up the coast, we found a spot to ride the beach……….

Miles and miles of beach to ride…..

The cows do not seem to bothered by us riding by

Rolling on up the road. Just a couple hundred KM’s

Met a few Brazilian riders at the gas station. They were great!

Liked his sticker

Upon arriving in Cassino, we stopped at the tourist office to ask about places to stay.

We found a great place with a view, but had to negotiate hard to get it to $100 USD for the two of us. Money Talks, so that was how Claude did it. Took out a $100 dollar bill and said this is what we have to pay. They wanted $140USD.

We had a quiet night as the brewpub was closed, had a good meal, but it was monday night and all was closed down….

We were hoping to get Claude a photo on the beach with a bevy of Brazilian girls in Bikini’s around his bike. We saw many, but they were not interested in taking a photo with us Another day of being a rider

Have some great video riding along the beach for miles with tons of people with their cars, BBQ’s, Lawn chairs etc. It really is a slice of humanity as they all take in the sun. You see it all, Hot bodies and then lots of bodies that should be more covered up

After just a few days of riding on the southern coast of Brazil, our time is up and we head south toward Uruguay. We a short ride into Brazil but my time in South America is coming to a quick close, and it is part of the journey to be moving on.

Was a thrill to have ridden in so many countries so far on my trip. Think it is 17 so far 🙂 Cannot explore all of them as well as I would like, but that is OK. Maybe I will get to come back and ride more in South America one day

As we stopped at Brazil Aduana with the prettiest Aduana woman of all the countries I visited I look at the back of my bike and it is covered in oil. That does not look good. Gte Immigration and Aduana paperwork done, figure I need to get to Uruguay to deal with whatever ….. As I rode the small distance to the Uruguay Border, it is clear that my rear Shock has blown a seal. I am bouncing down the road like a clown.

All the oil cleaned the back of my bike too! Not much to do with the shock right now, only 500KM to the boat back to Buenos Aires…. So I will ride it.

Loving countries that have motorcycle free of toll roads, and a special place to ride past the toll booths!

Sometimes it is really tight with the buses and trucks!

We roll into Montevideo and find a hotel in the center of town. It is 95 degrees today, so we are glad to stop and have some A/C to cool off and relax. We met up with a really nice Uruguay Woman that we met on the road and had dinner.