Buenos Aires

While I am in Buenos Aires I am getting so many details ready for the next step of my ride. It is amazing all the stuff that has to happen for the carnet (will go into the process later). It is not “hard” but you have to do all the steps, also booking flights, arranging for some other gear replacements and other things like money.

Had some spare time so I started cleaning my Bags. They were full of dirt and are not spotless 🙂

But time to relax, share a nice meal with Claude and Benjamin (hitchhiking around SA then asia for a year)

One of the sculptures called the Thinker made from the original molds (there are 28 around the world). Just down the street

As my Wise KIWI friend said after seeing it , and the deposits of bird dropping on the sculpture…… “if you think too much you will get Shat on”

Some nice building around the square.

We also booked a ferry for Friday morning from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay. Claude is joining me on a last little ride up the coast of Uruguay into southern beach towns of Brazil. Will be a fun trip

Along with all the online searching, communicating and such…. We had some folks over to our place for socializing

and then across the street for dinner! Diego from BA rides a 650 GS, Claude, Thanasis riding a r1200GSA is from greece, and he was at Christmas party in Ushuaia, Then a woman from Germany and one of Claudes spanish school classmates from Germany Viktor! Was a fun evening. Including the phase “thats Dangerous” and “Not going to happen”