Had to wait for my new gloves to arrive as the old BMW GS gloves have torn seams and have lasted many Thousands of KM’s They arrived late Monday so I decided to head west Tuesday AM.

Knowing I have lots of ground to cover. And the roads will straighten out and the towns will get further apart. Added an extra 10 Liter petrol jug (which I needed). Starting out on the Savannah Way.

For those of you in North America….. I was trying to figure out how to describe the distances that I will be riding in the weeks ahead. It’s like starting in Boston, riding to Kansas city, then out to Seattle, then down to San Diego With 96% less people and hundreds of thousands of Kangaroo’s

Cairns to Ayers Rock is over 2,000 Miles (3,000 KM)

And I will certainly see these

First day was 770 KM’s (477 Miles)
I road out to Normantown and then up to the Gulf coast town of Karumba.

Just hit the hwy and road westward.

They was a fair amount of road works going on…..

and single lane roads.

The landscape is interesting as I get out west. Lots of rock formations that look like Croc teeth covering the land. Some are grey, and red as I get further west

As I get to Normanton there is a replica of the largest Croc ever killed, shot by a woman

8.6 Meters (28 foot) Imagine seeing that in a river.

Then 70 Km out to Karumba. Enjoyed sitting at the Sunset Tavern for a view of the sunset over the Gulf coast. Sipping a beer, having fresh Shrimp cocktail and fresh fish and chips!

Of course I was not alone. Tons of “Grey Nomads” which are Australia’s Retirees and there camper vans, utes and trailers and 4 wheel drives. All getting the sunset Photo.

Here is mine

Not a bad day on the road!

Another day in Paradise!