Sunshine as I ride into Oregon in december! Love it!!

The beautiful Oregon Coast!! Always takes my breath away!

too many places to stop and take it all in. Having ridden these roads before, I do not stop much but try to just take it all in. With a flood of remembrances of the past two and a half years!

Familiar places….. Look where I am Sector

Past the Barnicle Bistro

As I roll through Port Orford…. Hummmm This is the end of the TAT (trans America Trail – a mostly dirt ride across the US ) that I have wanted to ride for years….. Ok. Keep it on the To Do list

As I ride into Coos Bay, I meet up with Patrick46, and the first thing he does is hand me an envelope of stickers he made for me!!

He invites me to his Christmas Party. Started at a Mexican Restaurant

Then Bowling until the place closed.

Patrick is on the right lane, wondering why he only knocked down a few pins

Saturday Morning Patrick shows up on his Adventure bike to ride a ways north with me!!

A crisp Oregon Morning for a ride!! 33.8 Degrees

Have not had this kind of morning dew for a long time!

More Beautiful Oregon Coastline

Patrick suggests a Jump

We say goodbye at a Gas Station. The older guy working there was very interested, and is now a Radioman fan!

Thanks Patrick for the hospitality and very cool stickers…. Just need to find room for them on the bikes!

Snuck one on the front!!

I ride on up the Hwy to Lincoln city. Not too far from home, actually less than 100 miles. But meeting up with rjmorel for dinner!

Wanted to make an easy final day, instead of rushing like the hours to the barn. Took a long walk on the beach to take in the fresh sea air….. Contemplating the final days ride to my home.

………. Stay tuned for the last riding day of this report!! ………….