We left Playa Del Carmen and rode down to Tulum to check it out. It was only 40 miles. We had to say goodbye to Habean who was great to us during our stay at Phantom Paradise.

The beach at Tulum.

After checking many places on the beach at $70 USD Mindy told us about this place for 500 Pesos.

Had a private walkway to the beach. So I walked down while Sam rested. Hat the beach almost to myself.

They had your own Centone.

We decided to go to a Cenote to snorkel in the underground caves. Wow was that cool. We went to Dos Ojos.

lots of Stalagmites….

I know I post tons of photos…. But that is because it is good to share ……

Samuel and our dive guide, Jose. If you go be sure to ask for him. He was great. Good sense of humor.

Internet Problems…. Cannot post all the links right now. Maybe later…..

December 2nd The rest of the day in Tulum…….

We got back from the amazing Cenote Snorkeling afternoon. Our hut is on the left.

We had met a British woman when we checked in. Her name is Sara and she was very friendly so we asked if she wanted to meet for a beer later. She was working at the place painting the insides of the cabanas with Maya artwork. Very cool.

Sara is engaged to Damaris and they will be getting married when they return to the UK soon. It was one of those evenings that we just had a great time. Not sure that I can capture how it all transpired….. or all the conversations.

Started off with a Bike ride down the main road …. in the dark….

We got to the first place and had a drink and Talked. Meet Sara and Damaris

Really lovely woman. Sara was very direct and to the point. Making it clear what she thought. We heard the story of how they met, and there lives together. Traveling has been good for them. Sara and Sam got along great. Both Woman had personal experience with Alzheimer’s Disease, so that we a compassionate conversation. Damaris is Deaf, but reads lips very well, and speaks well too!

We skipped to another place for a bit, and Sam had been talking about getting a drink with an umbrella in it once we reached this area…. So we tried. Bartender did not have one…. So he improvised.

We then had dinner. Sara was helping Sam with Spanish vocabulary ….. and what was on his plate.

Then she was helping cook my dinner.

The music was rolling so……

Then we rode the bicycles back down the road. Fortunately I had my headlamp on…

After a great evening out on the town. Time for some sleep.

We really had a great evening with Sara and Damaris. to both of you. Thanks for the great time!!