First! Thanks to Frank I am in Guatemala City.

I just arrived at my hotel after the 4 hour drive with my bike in the back of a Pick Up that BMW Guatemala set up for me. Richardo and his family got up really early drove to Coban to pick me and my bike up, then return to Guata.

The BMW dealer took a brief look, and will not be able to really take a look until Monday. The engine case is certainly cracked, we will see if they think it can be welded….. They have done others and have a really good welding shop.

So now I need to wait until they have a chance to take a look. Then see what decisions I will need to make. Frank also has some thoughts about another shop if BMW cannot fix it….. There are options. Have had more than a few suggest JB weld or the like, and that might be my fix for now.

So with time on my hands…. I had already planned to be in Antigua (that is where I was riding to when things changed)

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Hey! Something just occurred to me as I am writing (hope it’s not 205). You had planned on slowing down for additional Spanish language lessons right? I suspect you will have your fill of Guatemala City by necessity doing what you need to for your bike, but you are only about an hour (probably less) by public bus from Antigua which is not only a MUCH more pleasant place to pass the time (if you have to wait for parts or something), but it is one of the centers for Spanish schools in Central America. There are lots of schools there and the competition among them keeps prices down and quality up.

So thanks Pete, That is my plan. Get to Antigua tomorrow. Frank is setting something up for me……

Have a hotel set up, and will check out Spanish Schools and hopefully will start on Monday… there are a few other things to see and do in the area as well. Time will not be wasted for me.

“Stayed tuned to “as the world turns…….”