The next part of my trip has begun. My buddy John volunteered to drive me to the airport.

The last weeks at home were very busy, and once I got to the airport it hit me. And of course, the reality of heading half way across the world was sinking in.

Had a good American Breakfast at the airport, finished up some emails.

And a few last minute calls.

Awaiting for my flight. Portland to Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Dehli. 23+ hours to fly half way round the world.

International airports are interesting as you hear all the languages and peoples from all over the world. German, French, hindi, Russian and many I could not understand. “Radioman is not in Kansas” anymore

Big airport with people traveling all over the world. Finding my new gate on the other side of the airport.

Boarding to Dehli. Quite a wide variety of people, dress and nationalities. This part of the trip was just over 7 hours.

Mostly read and watched the moving flight maps….

Filled out my customs card… Was really easy getting out through the airport.

Got to Dehli, and CJ and His wife and Baby picked me up at airport.

Spot worked to locate me.

Day two…

Dehli Day one….

I arrived to Dehli at 11PM. It was 35 degrees C We were up until 3 AM and then I went to sleep. I awoke early and posted, then went back to Sleep until 3PM. Just adjusting to the heat and the new time zone.

This it the view from CJ’s front deck. Nice Park across the street!

They live in a very nice Neighborhood!

Johnny D …. Told me about this guy. He will walk with his walking stick all night long. Tapping the ground 🙂

CJ’S Grandmother buying some vegetables.

CJ’s Aunt arriving home on a motorcycle while sitting side saddle.

And then CJ needed to get his bike tires repaired. Ended up needing 2 new tubes and they installed them on the spot for about $6 USD

Will get a taste of riding in the days ahead. It is all left side of the roads here!

Lots of fruit stands along the road.

CJ’s Moto. Royal Endfield.

This is the front of CJ’s family home. So kind and Generous for them to have me stay with them!

CJ takes his daughter for a ride around the block.

Isn’t she the cutest kid?

Looking down the street in the neighborhood. Looking forward to getting a real feel for this place.