As we road back to Neiva through the small town in the desert Villaveija. There was several women sweeping their street to keep it neat and tidy. Pride in their neighborhood and in their country. Great to see!

Riding through Neiva, these big bikes create a stir. the girls behind James were having a good laugh at all our gear.

we road 170 Miles to San Agustin which is an archeological site. Riding the valley with a large river in the middle.

These dogs were curled up in the heat ….taking nap!

All the small towns have a main square and big catholic church.

Back up into the mountains and cooler temps!!

Found a great Italian restaurant right near where we were staying. Two gusy from Verona Italy that now live here. Yummy Tiramisu

Next day visited archeological. Lots of carved stone for the burial grounds.

Met a Colombian guide. Great to talk with!

Sharing his passion for this place.

Old burial grounds.

Hours of checking the place out. Needed a cold drink and to relax!

Had a great visit to this region! Waterfalls and the hills were great. Just hard to capture in photos