Parked our bikes in front of the Hotel Senegal in Pasto. They had one the most comfortable beds I have slept on the entire trip!

Just a couple hours to the Ecuadorian border. But we had to stop and see the Sanctuary La Lajas. Our first glimpse as we road down the hill 6 KM off the Panamerica Hwy.

We were able to ride down the to park near the church (after the guys at the top said “parking here” James asked another guy and he said … you can ride down. So we went past the chained area, and rode down the cobblestone… Was fun. Had to walk up the stairs on the other side to get this shot.

Oh yea! Awesome views.

There were lots of plaques that are prayers to the virgin Mary

service inside.

waterfall across, I took the photo from just above this looking back at the church. Best view but lots of stairs to get there.