It has been great riding through Colombia. We arrived in the quaint town of Barichara, and was one of those places that needs a few days to just enjoy. It is not like there are tons of things to go do or see, but a place to just enjoy the people and the views! Slow down and smell the flowers

The main plaza has a cathedral.

and lots of “wobblestones” . These cobblestones are much bigger than other towns.

Interesting architecture and great to just wander around and look. Not too many Gringos here….. so it is time to relax.

great views

Had to laugh at this iron water cover…… Was produced in Wabash, IN which is very near to where my brother in Law lives…..

Couple other churches up the hill.

Catching daily life, as this guy delivered milk to the locals. One Ladle at a time.

I got up at 6am and took the walk to Guane. It is a 9 KM walk from Barichara down to Guane. Felt like the movie “The Way”.

The walk takes you down the hill on large stones through the countryside to a really great view.

Past family “Fincas”

Few animals also on the trail.

The town of Guane is small, but cool.

Main church

And like many of the Catholic churches, they have large paintings or Statues and representations of the Crucifixion.

Had a nice breakfast in town.

Once in Guane, I took a “taxi” back up to Barichara.

It was funny as I got in, it would not start, but locals pushed the taxi…. and compression started it.. off we went All part of the adventure.

Made it back up to Barichara….

Water is collected overhead for use in the town. Not too many places have hot water …. But the weather is nice and warm.

Had a great dinner here!

and also at Greengos Restaurant where we met Nico and Mary! They served up some really great pizza. James was really happy as there are a couple of Vegetarian restaurants in town.

Also found an interent Cafe as not of the hotels seem to have WIFI. The owner Javier was great!!

Dinner again at Greengoes.

Did check on my bike and my rear tire which I set up to be “tubeless”….. But something happened and it has been going flat. Talked with Woody’s Wheel works, and they have never had a set come back. Not sure what happened, but looks like I will have to ride into Bogota to get a rear tube… will then take a look. It is all part of trip like this as bike maintenance and issues do come up.

Having a great few days off here!! That is the part of this travel that takes time to embrace. I have made the decision to not ride to Ushaia until December…. so I have time to explore