Well, I just have too many pictures not to share a bit more of the Galapagos Islands.

This wil be a random Post of some of the great things we saw and did while visiting the Galapagos….. I grew up around the water and love it. I really had looked forward to seeing and swimming with the Large Sea turtles. The first time we snorkeled I got to swim with a large sea turtle for a long distances, just enjoying the graceful movements that propelled them along. They are actually very fast, but I was able to follow along for a great distance. It was really very amazing.

My friend Diana was interested in the sea Lions and she had a way with them. She had some great interactions!

Including a few “kisses” from this Sea Lion

The sea Lions were amazingly playful while we were in the water. Swimming all around you!

The marine Iguanas were fun to look at and Photograph. There are tons of them….

The males have big “crowns” and the texture of their skins were interesting as well.

The Lava lizards like to sit on their backs and eat the flies that surrounded the Iguanas.

Just a few more….

The colorful crabs were interesting as well. No No Craig not that kind.

And we were in the water for the full time that we had to snorkel!!

The Penguins would just sail by you really fast. I was so glad to be able to capture this Penguin as it “cruised” by.

Tourists all watching some wildlife…….

so much more to share….. But cannot narrow done the experience….. Hope you enjoyed these photos!