The Odyssey made many stops as we changed locations and cruised to see new things around the islands.

This is roughly our trip with many stops that took us on the islands, Climbed to the ridge of the Sierra Negra Volcano (which was huge!), and lots of snorkeling!

I took so many photos as it was such a full trip! These guys lounging around on San Cristobal Island.

The Naturalist Guide and the Crew welcoming us to the ship!

The food was good, lots of variety from Steak to Seafood, and salads…. Three meals a day (which I have not been eating since I left only Adventure!)

We left the boat early on the Zodiacs to explore on land, in Kayaks, Snorkeling…..

Yes I had a great trip!!

We had amazing sunrises…..

And with only 16 passengers we got the chance to enjoy meeting others on our ship. We bonded as we went on our expeditions and laughed at the things that did not go as planned…..

Like our trip up Sierra Negra. It was hot 90 and humid and we landed in a town and disembarked. We all loaded onto the open air Bus for the 45 minute ride up to the base of the Volcano to take a 45+ minute hike up to the crater rim.

The bus had stopped to show us a rare Galapagos bird, and then he could not get it started….. We started walking up the road and our guide told us it was only “5 minutes” more. It took about an hour walking up hill in the heat to get to the start of the trail…… Everyone had a good laugh (well almost everyone 🙂 We about half made the trip up to the top…. It was worth it ! The crater was about 2 miles across and the steam had been increasing over the past months …..

Once we had hiked to the top the bus owner had repaired the Bus, and when we got back into town before loading onto the Zodiacs…. He offered everyone a nice Cold beer. It was great!! Like most parts of a trip that do not go as planned there are great stories!!

Back to the boat and dinner is served!

I am not telling the tour in order of event but just as it comes to mind as I type up this post. We did so much and I left my computer in Quito so I did not write each day…. Still have great memories.