As I continue to prepare many things are getting into place for this ride. I have just 7 days left of work.

Still have some planning issues, insurance, banking etc. to work out. Packing is almost done, just waiting till the weekend to actually move out of my master bedroom, and let one of the housemates move in to this room. And get the rest of my belongings out of the house.

Saturday had breakfast with my buddy John, whom we have been talking about part of my US rides. We had a great time looking over the maps.

We decided that we would combine a ride to Key west Florida allow us to try and catch the Last Space Shuttle Launch on July 8th!! Cool to have a plan. We should be heading out of Portland on June 25th ish and making our way across the south ……

John pointing out something we have to see along the way!

Monday it was back to the travel clinic to get my final round of shots….

These needles are looking huge!

Julie my nurse was great!! She has been telling her friends about this “adventurer” that has been getting his shots. He rides a Harley and kept wanting to know what kind of bike that I am riding!!

She wanted to know my blog site…. double posting from Advrider.

And Brad gladly taking my final Payment.

Just need the anti Malaria Pills (Doxycycline) and Travelers Diarrhea” Ciprofloxicin and Azithromycin