Good Bye New Zealand!

Been a busy week getting ready to leave New Zealand. Still had time to meet some new people.

Funny the things that strike you as you walk around a place. Spotted this garage can in front of a house…… might have been a business.

Ok… Why ?

Met Peter and his wife Lynette, after he saw my bike at the local Grocery store and he looked up my web blog, then emailed me with an invite for dinner! He is a BMW F800 owner and a GP Doctor that works with many Dementia Patients. We had lots to talk about. His wife actually came to my Public talk!!

Thanks so much for dinner

Another beautiful Sunrise…..

Then finished cleaning my bike, and then the final crating I did at Expereince BMW, as they saved me a crate from a new incoming 1200Gs 🙂

Rolled in and finished making the bike showroom clean.

Then took the front wheel off. and got the bike all strapped down!

Disconnected the battery, and left bike with not much fuel

Then putting the sides together….

All in…

Now no transport. Took a walk down the road to organize flight to Australia! Bike gets picked up Monday and will be in Australia in a little over two weeks as I am shipping it on a ship. one week before the boat sail, 4 days on water, 5-6 days to clear customs in Australia!

So ….. my time in NZ has come to an end! Had a wonderful time here and will miss it!

But I am actually using the next two weeks for something I am also passionate about….. More in a few days…