Heading to Urugauy
Friday morning Claudio and I had reservations on the ship from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay so we could ride up the coast!Got out to our bikes and his front tire was low and so was my rear tire. Started off with a ride to the gas station to get air.

Riding in downtown Buenos Aires.They have room for motos right next to the crosswalks. Bikes split lanes to the front

Another beautiful day in BA

Then to the ship.

Had to go through exit and enter to Urugauy and also exit Aduana (customs) for our bikes, before we boarded.

We took the fast boat which took just one hour.

Once we came off the boat, we had to stop and get paperwork fro Aduana.

All hand done paperwork here

On the ferry my rear tire was flat again so we looked for a shop so I could replace the tire as on closer inspection….. I needed a new one. Cracks with radial steel showing

No luck in town, so we needed a bank. A nice woman on a scooter showed us the way.

Since everything was closed for Siesta… We decided to see how bad the tire was and ride the 100 miles to Montevideo to find a tire.

Did not get too far and it was clear I needed to pull the tire and patch the tube. As I was pulling my tire off, the neighborhood kids all came to check it out. Then Claude started taking photos with the kids. They were loving it! I had to stop the tire change just to get some photos.

Just as I was wrapping up this nice woman, Natalia and her son Camilo, stopped to see if we needed anything. Very Very nice interaction with the nicest Uruguian People!!

Once in Montevideo, found a moto shop. I was in checking on a tire and there was a TV crew doing another story, but saw our bikes and did an interview with Claude


Claude probably made the evening news!!

Ended up at a different moto shop. They had a tire to fit, but had to wait for the guy to walk and get it.

Also liked the selection of shocks to fit the local bikes

Found the tire shop… Note the sign. Danger do not pass into the work area. Not enforced here

In Punta del Este is another hand sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irrazábal, like the one in Northern Chile

We are having a fun ride together. Claude is a super nice Canadian who lives in Florida. He is spontaneous

A family stopped to ask about our ride….and of course take some photos!

It is getting dark and we were looking for a room. They were very expensive…. As we were checking on one hotel room and Claude came out and said…. They want $300 USD Yikes. A very nice Argentinian woman was walking by., and said she knew a place across the road. She started to direct us, then Claude offered her a ride……

We rode to the hotel and she said…. My daughter left for the night you can stay in the other room of my hotel…. Amazing.

At her hotel the owner has a motorcycle collection.

Then she suggests a Restaurant in nearby town.

Really amazing dinner!! WOW.

The fish special was really really amazing !

We ended up the night at a party of one of the employees of the restaurant.

It was out in the middle of nowhere, but they had a DJ, lights music for dancing. Full moon creeping out

It was a memorable night for sure!