What a great weekend.

Ladybug was always busy doing something to help others… Here she is making breakfast for 70 of her ADV friends Cannot thank “Bug Sister” enough as she put in so much time and effort to make this a great event!!

Sasquatch getting ready on “superbug” for his Suspension Seminar. Was a great topic for the ADVR’s to ask questions and learn!! Great Job Jay

Saturday was a bit rainy…. but did not deter us from riding.

Unfortunately Bauhausbier had engine trouble on his Honda 600XR. So he spent the day in camp …..

Heading up the famous “steep and rocky” with Allan. It was fun !

Allan trying to get us in trouble

Ladybug got a little Thank You for her hard work on the campout. New “laby bug Socks” and Knitted ADV Hat!!

Thanks to Loud Al… A great group shot!!

As more rides come into town bringing gifts Sector felt I needed a “deer Slayer Syrah” Thanks Sector….Owe you one!

After dinner was a real surprise. Lady Bug always has a few tricks up her sleeve Unknown to me, she had been busy PM’ing the ADV attendees about a “going away” surprise for me. Guess I am living the dream

I was presented with a card that a Donation had been made to the Alzheimer’s Association in Honor of my late Wife Chris. As a man of words, I did not have to many. Very thoughtful for all who participated.

But that was not all….. There was more….

Glad Jay did not drop the cake…..

They had also gotten a “radioman Rides the World Cake” made for me.

Including snoopy riding, a Globe, and seems like a few rocks along the road

The surprises were not over yet….

I have been told good things come in small packages

A Buck knife with an inscription “Faith Hope and Courage ADV RTW” whichj have been words with deep meaning for me as I cared for my wife Chris for many years. They will carry me forward as well.

Thank You all !!!