Had a question from ADV rider: Thought this would be good to share

[QUOTE=iDave;17754609]Btw, do you have a projected return date? :ear I’m sure it’s already been covered and I missed it…[/QUOTE]

The simple Answer is NO. Money and timing play a factor but right now I have reached a point where I will need to make a decision. My original plan was to reach Ushaia, Argentina by end of February/early March in time to get a boat to Antarctica ….. I could still make this but there is so much to see and do on the way there that I am feeling like I do not ant to “rush”, so that could mean that I just slow it down, and spend the better part of a year in South America and ride to Ushaia later this year when summer comes back.

Or I get somewhere south of here….explore, stay in one place, and then fly to India and buy/rent a bike and travel for couple months during there summer June/July/August then come back and keep going! (India and China have been high on my list of places I want to see and ride)

Plans change…. We will all have to wait and see how it goes:deal Because I really do not know:huh That is the best part of this kind of adventure and travel. TIME. See many bikers that have limited time and are driven to reach someplace at a certain time to get back home. But for me, who knows if I will ever get back here again, why not slow it down as long as my money holds out….:deal

Back to Ruta 40 BMW to get our bikes checked in for service. Carlos spoke english and also had his Mechanic come out to review the questions. I needed to just have a quick overall check, reset the service codes, and buy a couple spare parts like extra oil filter, chain lube etc.

Just a quick Note the Ruta 40 BMW shop has a great reputation for helping travelers. It was a great experience working with them!! Highly recommend them for anyone riding south, and needing to get the bike worked on, tires etc!!

Yea. BMW shop with a Beer fridge. Nope did not have any, but thought it was funny.

James had a bit more to do on his bike, and found out that the rear shock had blown seals So the mechanics would not be able to work on this until Monday…. So we are hanging out in Medellin, which is not a bad thing

Hung out at the dealer awhile and they had a C1

Remember someone is watching 🙂

Great poster of all the BMW models over the years….

Later in the afternoon, got together with Mike ( mwillia ) who was here to ride with the Group of riders that Mike from Casablanca Hostel is taking on an 8 day tour of Columbia. Very cool to meet up with other ADV riders who are out on the road.!

Then we had dinner together that evening. also have peekay from ADV who is riding south to Argentina.