More waiting and constant coverage and speculation on TV. Very cool to be here for this historic event.

My host Jim walked with me over to the beach at 11am. Not too many people here yet.

Not having been to a launch, I was not really sure what to expect. But set up cameras just in case. Not a totally blue sky day, but all the predictions of thunder/lightening and rain did not happen.

as the launch time neared the beach had many more people.

I had decided not to fight all the traffic and try to get closer as Jim and Donna said you can see if fine from the beach, and that the windows would rattle at there condo.

As we awaited it passed the expected launch time. At 31 seconds they had to check something, but we did not have any information. Then Atlantis took off! Cheer from the beach !!

TV coverage and photography is hard to beat.

My shots from the beach.

Did not take long for Atlantis to go skyward and into the clouds!!

July 9th Morning news paper had amazing photos of the launch in ways that a normal viewer could never take. They are close up with big lens….. But I can always say I was there for the final Space Shuttle Launch July 8th, 2011

Thanks to Michelle for contacting her Parents and having me be able to stay with them for the launch. We went out for dinner on my last night in Cocoa Beach!!

Thanks so much Jim and Donna for your great hospitality! really had fun talking about life, family, politics, Kids etc. Really was a great time!! Thanks!