Couple more shots of the Golden Palace.

It was very busy, as there was regional elections happening….

Had some great food along the way….

Met some really nice travelers along the way. These Girls were in McLeodganj one is swiss and one is German. They met up with Lise the french woman that I met.

Here was my plan to ride out of the heat to Shimla in the Mountains.

Read this in the paper. Some tourist got stranded on KhardungLa were Bill and I had ridden a few weeks ago!

I met another motorcycle rider. Meet from Germany. He just road through Iran and Pakastan!!

My bikes clutch was slipping as I rode down from McLeodganj so I found an Enfield shop right near the Hotel. The shop had been in business for 30 years and the Son just opened a Royal Enfield Parts shop. It just up ahead. Remember it is 110+ degrees yikes…

Finished another guys bike and then got to work on mine…

Box of tools at the ready

The son checking on the progress

Needed new clutch plates

The son was really happy to show me his new shop. It was very organized!

The shop next door was changing tires by hand

And another shop was a machine shop.

This stylish lady pulled in for some work to be done. You just ride in and they start fixing it while you wait.

Finishing my bike. Change clutch plates, Change Oil, fix the noise in the rear brakes….. $1,450 Rupees ($26.85 USD)

Took off at 6am to avoid some of the heat. You cannot see too well but there are tents along the highway with people living there. WOW.

At a petrol Stop…… In case of fire.

You see some really overloaded trucks.

Bikes carrying lots of goods to market.