A small taste of Videos to come!

June 2, 2012 Saturday Manali, India.

MoBill just left riding to Dehli so that he can return the bike and fly home. We had an awesome time as two riders. We planned well, communicated and had a great travel experience. No drama or issues between us at all. Really a great way to travel and we have the ADV site to thank. Just a decade ago or less, this meeting and connection in cyber space would never have happened. The truly amazing part is the virtual friend can become a lifetime friends in reality. Two guys from opposite sides of the country, different backgrounds and lives, that have come together to ride half way around the world! Incredible!!

This is the internet Cafe that we have been using when the hotel internet does not work (often).

They also ship packages. So I had a few things that I sent home, but the packaging of the box, and then a cloth over bag all sewed to fit the box is the way it is done. Really cool. Bill actually sent a package just to have the box when he gets home 🙂

He finishes the outside and then writes all the description and passport copy, information etc.

MoBills box…. ready to ship!

We sat out and had a snack at a little outdoor cafe.

Bill ordered something called “hello to the Queen”. It was tasty!

The Auto rickshaw to the Moto shop to pick up are bikes.

We had a great dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe

MoBill was up early to get packed on headed south to Dehli!

he started checking all his work email, and turning his mind toward going home…. Typical as a ride comes to an end!

Bill saying goodbye to one of the Hotel Staff. Ramesh is from Nepal and a great young guy!! We loved interacting with him!

Time to say Farewell, Safe travels to a great guy! We had an amazing ride and so glad that Bill was able to make the trip happen!!


As always in transition of travel, your brain goes into overload of thoughts and emotions. This chapter of my life has been one of solo traveler riding some of the world, but the best part is having had great riding partners that have joined me on parts of the adventure, and the people I have met along the way. It is great. Personally I am not a loner nor a person who wants to do this alone, but actually love sharing the journey in person and online with others.

So I start a new point on my own for some weeks ahead. It is always the unknown that gets your head thinking, but then you start out, and the journey unfolds as you meet people on the road, in the hotels or sites, and it enriches the journey.

My plan is to hang out in Manali a few more days, enjoying the area, working on some video editing and uploading (if the internet allows!) Then head to Dharmasala where the exiled government of Tibet is located along with the Dali Lama. Should be interesting!