Hard to believe I have been on the road for 12 months now. One year ago, I had left my job, and packed up my house, then my bike and started this motorcycle journey. Some people would say I am homeless, Unemployed, wanderer

Page 8 Post 119….. Exactly one year ago!

Camogreg and I started out riding to the Oregon coast to start my ride and also start his cross country ride from the most westerly point to the most easterly point.

Having dinner with Greg and the guys that are renting my house.

And riding on the beach in Oregon.

Thanks CamoGreg! What a great way to start my trip and yours.

I now find myself half way around the world in the Himalayas of India riding. Knowing that I have my bike waiting for me in Ecuador and the rest of South America to continue riding in starting in August.

I have ridden over 40,000 Miles, 13 countries and have many more to ride before this journey comes to its inevitable conclusion. I am grateful for the opportunity and blessed by all the people I have met and interacted with over the past year! It is a chapter that evolves as I go, which

Thanks to all of you that have so generously encouraged me, sent me off in style a couple times, read my posts, commented and helped me on this ride! So many people that come flashing into my mind! Thank You!!

Taking a couple days to hang out in Old Manali. Getting caught up on bills and some other personal stuff, making room on my laptop to video edit riding here in India (takes lots of time), and just enjoy the old town. Took a walk at 6am this morning up and outside the town……

Seeing how the local population lives just outside the tourist area.

Growing all around the area….. But not anything that I am into. Know that a lot of young people come here for this. Lots of young “Hippy” kids. We have seen many from Israel, and asia but not really Americans. Have not seen my friend John around surprisingly

This woman was weaving on here porch. You see lots of people with sewing machines producing goods for their shops!

Kids playing soccer in front of there house as the animals graze.

Water supply as I wander the paths through the countryside

And you see woman with these baskets on there backs hauling all kinds of things. They are either wicker or plastic. Have only seen one Man hauling one.

Walking this path through the houses and signs for cheap lodging like (200-300 Rupee or $3.70 – $5.50) per night.

Storing up hay

More water collection

This woman was pounding the hay with a wooden paddle…..

Just really cool to walk about and explore the area. It is part of travel that many miss as they hurry to the next destination or tourist site. It is good to see the big tourists spots but…. Is also good to see and interact with the local people. A smile goes a long way to communicating!

Lots of guest houses along the way.

Had tea yesterday afternoon with Aliza and Aliza. One is from France and the other from New Zealand, but has lived in southern India for the past 12 years. Really great conversation about the area, travels and life!!

Aliza was bring some fresh Ferns to her friends up the hill to cook!

Back to the Dragon Hotel ….. They have a great little Rose Garden to enjoy. I moved to a room one level down so that I could save some $ Was paying $1,400 Rupee ( $25.90) upstairs, but on the ground floor it is $900 ($16.67) India can be very inexpensive in places especially room and food if you look off the beaten path. What is hard for a first time traveler here is to get a good sense of the value. You need to look around and ask to know the difference. The Dragon hotel has 4 levels and 4 prices based on the floor and views. 900, 1,600, 2,000, 4,500 (for the :honeymoon suite). At his point in my life, I am not interested in searching out the cheapest places especially for the short time I am here.

This is the waiter at the hotel Restaurant that has served me Breakfast. Chuckled at this shirt as I asked him who the other two were
He told me his other coworkers

Another great day in India!!